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About Pamela Grant

Pamela has a unique combination of education and experience that has produced exceptional results for both her corporate and personal clients.

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About Pamela Grant
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  About Pamela Grant
Pamela C. Grant, MSOE is an author, speaker, internationally recognized coach and management consultant, as well as a Licensed Career Counselor. She has more than 22 years of experience in corporate management working with Fortune 500 companies, smaller companies and individuals in virtually every field. Pamela is the founder and President of Life Callings™.

Pamela is the author of "Career Callings™; Bringing Who You Are To What You Do", Pamela is a much sought after speaker for training, keynotes, group events and conferences.

Pamela’s unique combination of education and experience has produced exceptional results for both her corporate and personal clients. She uses proven assessments, needs and values analysis, and a variety of other consulting and coaching techniques. One of the unique aspects of her work is determining and addressing the factors that undermine personal and corporate success.

In her previous career, she worked as a senior manager for several major airlines until receiving her Masters of Occupational Education. She then formed Life Callings™ in order to help others avoid the stagnation and lethargy she had felt in her own corporate career.

Pamela's principal innovation in the career-counseling field is to bring the concept of "spirit-centered" investigation to the process of finding what's best for each individual.
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