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Pamela's special talent is to quickly "get' what is, and what is not being said, and provide the critical distinctions that will help you reach your full potential.

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Through personal coaching, you and Pamela will form a partnership that will assist you in creating the life you really want.

Moving forward with confidence and enthusiasm requires that you be able to face life's challenges and learn the lessons they provide.  Pamela's coaching will empower you to do this and more!

Pamela Grant will help you:
- Make the big changes that will bring about the life you really want.
- Face life's challenges, learn the lessons they bring and move forward with confidence and enthusiasm.
- Determine your own path or mission in life.
  How Coaching Works:*
Coaching works because you and Pamela form a partnership to provide synergy, structure and enthusiasm that will enhance your present life and create your destiny. 

Pamela's gift is to quickly "get" what is, and what isn't being said and then provide critical distinctions that help you move forward in reaching the dreams and desires you have for your life.

*You agree to make regular telephone calls each month.
*Your coaching fee is paid at the beginning of each month.
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